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Hydraulic Screen Changer

This durable and advanced technology Hydraulic Screen Changer is designed for efficient filtration of polymers without any disturbance during a screen change. This is designed using activated seal to ensure efficient sealing and elimination of degradation. In addition to this, the seal also removes hang-up areas. It comes to easily withstand extreme temperatures for providing the best results. Huge breaker plate open area with tight-fitting as well as tampered proof guards enhances the performance level of the changer. With slide plate heater wires, this changer easily flexes away from poly. It is available with different zones of temperature control to withstand high-temperature.

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Hydraulic Screen Changer 8"

Price: 120000 INR

Hydraulic Screen Changer 8" Price 120000/- +18% Gst Breaker plate dia 8"[dia 203mm], Bore Plate thickness 4", Digri plate thickness 3", Jali plate thickness 2.5", Material of plate diesteel slender dia 70mm, Pencil heater dia 19mm 4pc, Plate Heater 3pc, Power pack 3hp, Weight 400kg,

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Hydraulic Screen Changer 10"

Price: 140000 INR

Hydraulic Screen Changer 10" Price 140000/- +18% Gst One Hydraulic Screen Chagner screen dia 256 or 10â€Â, with 5hp power pack, heaters,